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About T SuperHeroes

The story of a girl named NADIYA, whose mission is to give HOPE to other children of returning home to a land that has been destroyed. She discovers that a book that was given to her by her grandfather and passed down from generations, has special powers. The book can only be in the hands of those who have the true light. She is aided by a supporting casting of hero leaders of her country. Zelensky and his wife Olena, are "partners in hope". They are truly heroes in normal clothing, but kids see them as these comic-style heroes. When Nadiya draws in the book, the stories comic to life. Together the T Super Heroes battle the evil that has descended over

their lands and bring HOPE to the children of Ukraine!


Our Idea and Mission

Global Empowerment Mission (GEM) and founding CEO Michael Capponi, are helping refugees escape from the war in the Ukraine and providing relief and supplies into Ukraine, with food, medicine, and relocation housing. I discovered that many of the supplies getting into Ukraine, are coming from Miami through GEM, their partner BStrong and others. I made a promise that I would do something for the children of Ukraine, some of whom remain in the country and millions of others who find themselves as refugees in unfamiliar countries. I decided to create a comic book for these children who are undergoing such tragic circumstances. The book is called T SuperHeroes! I initially created this project with my 17-year-old summer intern student named Paulette Martinez. I wanted to have a young person on this project, and now working with someone in Ukraine to get a real life perspective, as  Odessa Ukraine became a Sister City of Miami Beach October 2022.

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